Living in Canada and being Canadian is something i am proud of. I absolutely love my country, the people, the culture, the land, and the food. While on vacations to Australia and Italy, i remember a lot of the locals talking about Canada, or what they knew about it. Of course they love to point out how we say “eh” a lot, which i didn’t even realize i did that until someone told me. Also that we live in igloos.. whats with that? Where did that come from that we live in igloos? This baffled me so much that many people thought it was true, i wasn’t offended but i thought really? Then i remembered before i went to Australia i thought people would have kangaroos running around the neighborhoods like squirrels, but of course i soon found out, false. In fact when i was traveling across Australia for a month and a half, i saw only 1 kangaroo along side a highway, and a bunch in captivity at the Australia zoo. I even camped in the outback and did not see a kangaroo, not even a koala bear! There were lots of spiders (too many), scorpions, kookaburras which are more irritating to hear then the song we sang about them as kids. I guess when it all comes down to it, there is a very huge gap of what we really know about other country’s there are mostly just stigmas attached for example, italy=pizza. Mmmmm pizza… 545142_10150794019875196_1124594367_n

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